Note from Alberta

May 5, 2015 There’s something about Banff!  Loving it more each time I return! What could be better than a chance encounter with a Grizzly on the last day of my sojourn?  I’d spent some time in Lake Louise area and further up on the glaciers area towards Jasper so on the eve of my departure, it felt right to look at the mountain ranges in BC and there it was: casually walking on the edge of the highway, oblivious of the few gawkers and big trucks now gathering below for the photo ops.  The ranger was already there moving his truck in tandem with the majestic animal to protect him/her from fearless gawkers.  As I snapped away my photos and video, more cars pulled in and it became a spectacle.  The ranger wasn’t pleased.   The beautiful, golden furred creature eventually moved up to the higher hill and disappeared beyond it. Until we see one in its natural habitat, it’s nearly impossible to know how it feels, to be in his presence.  It’s better than winning the lottery.  The thick golden fur and the large size distinctively marked by the lump on his back… the slow, determined gait.  The lift […]
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