Charming Boston

July 2015:  Boston, what a lovely city!  On my list since 2010 and so glad I made the trip now.  Last minute organisation: cleared the calendar, threw a few items in the suit case and off I arrived at an Inn, a lovely, homey floor near Copley place.   With similar weather pattern as Toronto, the week was sunny, clear and warm, the locals are extraordinarily friendly, their warmth and openness surpass all cities I’ve been to and I’ve been to a few!   As in NYC, my adventures  consisted of mostly walking and photographing everything and anything.  By dinner time the body mildly objected: despite the large intake of ice-cold water and iced coffees through the day, dehydration was evident; the rest at night was so needed! The best parts:  great subway fares and no tax on clothing and shoes!  the Museum of Fine Arts was okay, I enjoyed the lovely afternoon admiring John Singer Sargent.  The exhibit had many murals and different canvases other than the usual portraits for which he was famous.  The museum is very organised and attentive to the displays. Unlike NYC, Boston is older, charming and so very lovely.  It has two large parks and […]
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