Quiet Budapest

Aug 2015:  Despite some discouragement due to racism in Prague last summer, I went ahead to visit Budapest, one of the triumvirates in eastern Europe and I am glad we did this month.  Hungarians are civil, generous and helpful.  Budapest is full of beautiful architectures and the Danube is quite romantic with the various bridges that connect the two sides of Buda and Pest.   Except for the heavy but thankfully short downpours, the sun was out the whole week, one day the heat must be at least 43c. We did all the touristy things: visiting all the known attractions (the magnificent Parliament building, Royal palace, Hotel Gellert, Central Market, St Stephen’s Basilica, Jewish quarter, Cave Church..) and walked everywhere or hopped on the subway, trams or some buses when the legs started to complain;  Photographed everything, trying local dishes and lingering around souvenir stands. I ventured by train to Vac, a small town north of the city.  Built some time in 1200s, the compact town on the east side of the Danube still bears relics and foot prints of ancient time with the old prison still spreads out on the north side.  Even on a scorching hot summer day it […]
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