Grace is a Toronto based artist, a proud Canadian and a true lover of all things art.  Grace completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at OCADU, Toronto (minor in Photography) and  currently works on her Master’s degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA.

Her time is split between Toronto where she researches and produces works and a rugged Rockies town in Western Canada where gigantic mountains, serene lakes and wildlife provide refuge and inspiration.

She paints everything and anything that moves her.  Most of her works convey messages; personal, social or political, her views imply quietly.  Working from a long list of possibilities, some ideas were formed since her childhood, some during her time in finance and others from her travels.   She wishes there would be 48 hrs in each day to capture and create art to reflect the beauty of things or form these stories on canvas!

Life is a journey which art enhances and makes more interesting. Come along to see what she sees…

Grace is proud of her children who are her greatest friends and supporters, her son Donald Nguyen is also a talented artist beside his main job as a software developer.  Visit his website: 

Thank you for visiting this page.  All queries, encouragement or comments are welcomed.  Check back from time to time for new works!  Best wishes.

Past contract: Agora Gallery, NYC.