Contact:  gracedamart@gmail.com

Agora Gallery in NYC: 


I am a Toronto based artist, a proud Canadian and a true lover of all things art.  I am finishing a Fine Arts degree at Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto (minor in Photography).

My time is split between this urban city where I produce works and the rugged Rockies town in Western Canada where I roam the landscape, recharge the energy.  Gigantic mountains, serene lakes and wildlife there are faithful friends and endless source of precious tranquillity and inspiration.

I paint everything and anything that moves me.  The world is to be explored so landscape, portraiture, life, anything…  Most of my works convey messages; personal, social or political, I give my view quietly.   I work from a long list of possibilities.  Some ideas were formed since childhood, some during my days in finance and other from my travels.   I wish there would be 48 hrs each day to capture and produce art to reflect the beauty of things or these stories I can tell on canvas!

Life is great, art makes it even better.  Come along with me on this journey, come along to see what I see…

I am proud of my children who are my greatest friends and supporters, my son is also a talented artist beside his “day job” as a software developer, his website:  www.donnynguyen.com 

Thank you for visiting my page, I welcome your queries, encouragement or comments.   Check back from time to time for new works!  Best wishes.

Grace Dam.