Canadian Icons (Last Snow)

2019  oil on canvas  48″ x 60″  contact for price Beloved Western Canada.  The ground was still solid with wilting grass and the sky with still the lingering clouds.  Patches of pristine snow remained on the ground like a thick carpet and new ones blanketed the scenery.  Vast solid mountains and light fluffy snows.  It is a thought that a thousand years from now this scene will remain on canvas.  The march of time does not matter as our footsteps might still imprint on this snow covered ground.
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Canadian Icon (Heaven and Earth)

2016 acrylic on canvas 36″ x 48″ contact for price The view of the vast landscape of Canmore impresses me tirelessly every year.  Pristine air, pure water and absolutely stunning, phenomenal endless ranges of mountains.  The majestic view and heaven-like scenery are a good reminder of how ephemeral life is, even in the immense but receding glacier, subtly course of river and gigantic mountains.
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Canadian Icon (Niagara Falls)

2016 oil on canvas (diptych) 60″ x 48″ contact for price The iconic magnificent rush body of water.  I have seen it many times, in different climate.  This time it was quite personal, akin to a private audience.  This is about energy, intimacy, ultimate beauty and pride.
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