Prince & landscape


April 2016: My annual visit to Banff region this year was affected greatly by the passing of Prince. The same day I set up canvas and materials to produce an abstract for our retreat there, the news arrived. The canvas turned into a tribute to him.  After a few days of pure soul searching, difficult struggling with the loss so raw, I was relieved the painting was finally resolved.  When the canvas was up and occupying most of the wall it exulted such a sense of peace, love and joy.  For the remainder of the time there, this joy reigned and I felt that precious tranquility akin to a prize that was won and now viewed in privacy.  A sense of achievement, of satisfaction.

Most of my works are formed from personal ideas and messages, this one was from an unexpected external event but it is pleasing, forever a tribute to a very unique human being.  A lovely man, a musical genius whose love for privacy I admire and whose benevolent and quiet help to others only now became public.  The canvas incorporates Prince’s purple love and the vast, panoramic landscape of the region.  Two supremes that harmoniously mingle.

I named it “Banff Town, Goodnight, Prince”, sweet Prince, sleep tight!

I feel so blessed to be an artist.  I feel so special with this innate instinct to see things that often triggers some ideas or emotions. Driving the car out the driveway one day I saw the sky with a culmination of white clouds amongst some heavy, dark batches and there was a tiny spot of blue.  The blue would be overlooked if one did not give it a second glance.  I not only looked but observed, studied and felt so grateful for the eyesight (which has suffered greatly since my youth) and the love for colours.  I wanted to set up not just a sketch book but easel to paint right there in the middle of the road because a camera would not capture this special sight.

My previous canvas was about the iconic Niagara Falls despite the focus mainly on abstract and I devoted long hours to develop abstract — “White Wash” and “Time Changes Everything” were the result.  Not that I do not love Turner nor Tanabe, just at this moment, this time, I want to express furiously, vigorously, all these years of cumulative ideas and images in my head, they simply could not wait to get out.  There is no peace until they can be expressed and displayed.  Landscape cannot fulfill this.  Painting Niagara was special, it was all about that rush of energy.  Niagara is something inexplicable but those who know it, will instinctively understand it.






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