School life: a new beginning!


Sept 2013

This past week I got the first hand experience as a student after over 3 decades away from the academic world!  It is a brave new world!  While nothing less is expected, the challenge is not about the studying alone but everything else around it too:  the subway rides 1 hour each way (again, I have not taken the subway much for the past 20 yrs!!)  and quite often it would stall for one reason or another (signal problem, someone pulled the security alarm…).  Not that this is any “hardship” : others full time students commute from different adjacent towns about 1.30 hours away, the rides on the GO train then subway would average 2 hrs each way!!  Perhaps nothing comes easy in life and what comes easy, might not be appreciated or valued?!  

As the weather will get colder soon and then the snowy days will be shortened… the distance will become more arduous but, these few years I am sure will be worth it.  Many frown upon an art degree but they might not know, it is just as tough and challenging as any degree and for most, might not yield the instant employment results!  at least that is not part of the equation for me so I can embrace this fully and totally!

I now “dress down” in casual, dirty clothes as anything else would be out of place in an environment where ripped jeans, short shorts and tattooed bodies are the norm.  All the business suits, neatly pressed shirts are so… “uncool” !!  fancy scarves and high heels?  what are they?  so my locker holds an old man shirt (coverage for paints) a a good supply of acrylic and oil materials, every kind of charcoal pencils, stacks of paper canvases and a good supplies of oat bars & juice for snacks!  there is no time for real food with the 15 mins break in between.  Therapeutic times for me as every minute at school is focused on nothing but studying.  This is good!  this is very, very good!

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