Busy New York


May 2015:  What a time in NYC!!  Great trip to the neighbouring city for my group show and also, the endless art galleries there!  The familiarity makes things more endearing, Central Park is more pleasing, the streets friendlier.. May is not yet hot although still busy, the flows of yellow cabs are so unending!

What different was the deafening noise: I had my earplugs on almost 24 hrs.  Tourists flooded every major corners and streets.   I spent a few hours admiring a small portion of the MET and another afternoon reserved for the Frick;  disappointed the beautiful “Countess d’Haussonville” (Ingres) was temporary absent along with most Goyas in the back section.

For artists, we cannot have enough of this city!  The group show opening was well organised, upbeat with full attendance.   I regret not having enough time to visit the new Whitney museum nearby but next time soon!  what most wonderful was to see Rockefeller’s collection of Asmat totem poles.  It was perfect for a course I am taking, for the kind and brilliant professor of the course (that’s you Mark!)  .  It was such a juxtapose to view the works.  At once it is a privilege as we need not travel to the remote villages in order to see the poles in person but they are also reminders of the bloody history…something foreign to  modern civilisation, we cannot fathom.

I ventured to Brooklyn and walked back the entire bridge, snapping photographs despite the rain.  I remember well the first time on the bridge.  Something was heavy in the spirit of that afternoon in 2009 but not today:  even under heavy clouds my spirit was high, the same lady Liberty was seen from a distance but I have only joy in my heart this time, feeling like a liberated new immigrant landing on the shores of freedom…   The scene of water and clouds also reminded me of some Turner’s master pieces also the feeling I had that first day there.

The west harbour basking in full sun, a magnet for visitors viewing the navy ships showing off their might, part of the navy show this month there.   The sun brought out more joggers, bicyclists and children than in the main part of town where tourists dominate and fast walking business people reign supreme.

Back to my home town and reality with summer classes weighing down but June will fly by;  Toronto still has cooler temp: 4c at night, the house is cold and we load ourselves with hot drinks.  Despite the intense walks each day in NYC, at least 7, 8 hrs until my back was sore and feet felt like they’d snap, the weight gain was a surprise.  So back too, to the same diet of salads and fruits.  Yes, vanity!  my calendar is full for the summer, from the travels there will be much to write about and lots of inspiring materials for painting projects too, how exciting!!

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