Spring is here!

April 12, 2015 Has it been that long since I last wrote??  The passage of time is evident only with marks such as here on this siteā€¦ one and a half years have passed since I had any leisure to pen a few lines.  Much has happened and some events are even blurry now but here I am, sitting in the quietness of my small office space at home pondering about life in the past few years. The world news is not a nice happy topic if not downright depressing.  I mourned the sudden loss of Nathan Cirillo, the senseless utter injustice and the cowardice act of cutting down a defenceless ceremonial symbol of our liberty and rights and to such a pure, beautiful young man was so gouging, for days I felt a deep sadness and a rage which had been subdued since my arrival in Canada long ago.  It was significant because of the violation of the most sacred place in this country:  at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  A peace monument to remind us of the violent past.  Then the turmoil in the Middle East where journalists and innocents were slaughtered.  The atrocity in Boston, silencing […]
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